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What is LegionX?

LegionX leverages cloud-based analytical tools and machine learning to automate civil, criminal, and administrative investigations.

The broken state of investigations

Government agencies and private enterprises are currently overburdened by internal investigations that require the analysis of large caches of personal data. Services offered to analyze these large caches of data can cost organizations anywhere from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Furthermore, they are often conducted by human resources using manual processes that require significant time and result in less thorough analyses.

LegionX™ Cloud-Based Investigation Tool

LegionX is our flagship cloud-based analytical tool. It is used for rapidly analyzing patterns within large email files and communications data with the use of applied artificial intelligence. LegionX has a wide variety of applications that range from criminal, civil, and administrative investigations to academic research.

Services We Offer


LegionX is our cloud-based analytical tool used for rapidly analyzing patterns within large email files and communications data with the use of applied artificial intelligence. No more need to hire countless analysts to manually sift through thousands of emails.

IT Consultative Services

We assist clients in implementing proprietary analytical tools, such as LegionX, in order to augment their pre-existing analytical and investigative methods, increase efficiency, decrease billable employee hours, and decrease overall project costs.

Management Consultative Services

We offer management consultative services to modernize, streamline, and perfect client case management strategies and methods.

Who We Work With

Public Sector

Federal Government Agencies

US Intelligence Community

State and Municipal Government Agencies

Federal, state, and local government agencies routinely conduct administrative and criminal investigations into their employees and contractors during instances of alleged violations of policies or laws. Investigations into violations such as contract fraud, whistleblower retaliation, conflict of interest, or harassment will greatly benefit from having a turn-key solution that can quickly locate and pinpoint any critical evidence that may exist within a subject’s organizational digital correspondences. LegionX software will be capable of adapting to fit investigations of any scope with the use of applied artificial intelligence.

Private Sector

Small Businesses
Private Investigators
Academic Research

Private firms are subject to immense pressure by the public, shareholders, and regulators to quickly conduct thorough investigations of alleged wrongdoing by their employees. To demonstrate impartiality, firms often hire expensive, outside consultants to conduct these investigations. Frequently, these investigations suffer in the same ways as public sector investigations, where expense, time, and manual inefficient methods prevent timely, successful outcomes. Any firm that requires independent e-discovery services will benefit from the solutions offered by LegionX by being able to quickly identify signs of wrongdoing on a subject’s digital footprint in the most cost effective and efficient manner.

About Us

LegionX is a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business

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